Park Progress … soil removal done


Communicated through an email from DPW to the Mayor, local councilman and concerned residents, the park is undergoing remediation. The Jersey City DPW staff member writes: The area of soil removal and disposal went well (3/28/14). The excavation was backfilled and restored to site grade. I have returned the paperwork to the LSRP so he can submit the reports to DEP. The next step is to submit the Preliminary Assessment Report, Initial Receptor Evaluation and Site Investigation to the NJDEP, which is ongoing. Some additional reports will be the final steps. We’ll need to submit a Remedial Investigation Report/Remedial Action Report and a RAO – which can be completed in the upcoming month(s) (during construction). Park Plans are to be signed and sealed, next Monday [April 14, 2014] (Landscape Architect is out this week) however this is OK since I am pending construction document reviews and funding. I have a call / email to the CFO re funding. Assuming funding is there we should know when we can go out to bid shortly. Within a week or so.” Here are some pictures of the soil removal. Sorry I wasn’t around to get them actually excavating but there is evidence of their work.

No Parking During Park WorkBoyd McGuiness Soil RemovalThis is great news – “…go out to bid shortly. Within a week or so.” It seems Mayor Fulop and DPW are doing what they can to get this park redesign underway as soon as possible.


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